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Trombetta Solenoid

Diesel Engine Parts & Replacements Dealt by PJ Power, Inc.



  • Stocking Distributor for after-market and OEM John Deere® Engine Parts
  • Parts new and re-manufactured for John Deere® and other Heavy-Duty diesel engines
  • Engine Parts specialists with decades of experience
  • Full Line / Complete Coverage Program
  • Special emphasis on agricultural and industrial applications
  • Comprehensive Factory Warranty!
  • Expert/Efficient customer service
  • Commitment to top quality
  • Customer Satisfaction is our top priority
  • Available from world wide distribution network
  • Symbol of quality and reliability

Replacement Engines for John Deere

Your replacement engine is built with the same specifications as the engine that you are replacing.

Just think, no more changing the following components:

  • Oil pans
  • Water pumps
  • Injection systems
  • Flywheel housings and many more items!

Direct drop-in!

  • Technicians build the engine from start to finish.
  • Each engine is 100% dyno tested, not a production line environment.
  • The company we represent has 30 yrs plus building John Deere® and other diesel engines.
  • The use of STD/STD or first undersize crankshafts is normal.
  • All the valve train components are 100% new (guides, seats, valves, locks, springs and rotators (your rocker arm assembly is rebuilt).
  • You pay the freight one way and we pay the freight for the core return. (There has to be a core return unfortunately! )
  • You will swap over as a bare min. your old flywheel, starter, alt, and electrical harness. You will be able to swap components from your old engine to the new reman before you ship it back.

Long blocks and short blocks available as well!

Reliance Parts

For engine kit quotes, call Mark at 352-236-7908

Our John Deere Line Includes:

  • Piston/Cylinder Kits
  • Overhaul Kits
  • Engine Bearings/Bushings
  • Gasket Sets
  • Oil Seals
  • Fuel Systems
  • Cooling
  • Lube Oil

John Deere Engine Coverage:

  • 300 Series
  • 350 Series
  • 400 Series
  • 450 Series
  • 500 Series


Aftermarket Specialists

Reliance markets new and remanufactured replacement parts for John Deere diesel engines through a network of distributors and dealers who specialize in supplying the aftermarket with parts and service.


Committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Reliance product coverage spans all of the most popular agricultural and construction applications. A lot of companies talk about quality, Reliance is committed to it. It is as important to us as customer satisfaction itself. Reliance quality not only means longer operating life and optimum performance, but also the avoidance of the potential for major consequential engine damage resulting from inferior parts. Best of all, Reliance parts are backed by a comprehensive factory warranty program that covers parts.

Reliance Overhaul Kits for John Deere 6081A,H Powertech Tier II Engines


Reliance Parts Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of 6081A,H Powertech Tier II overhaul kits. The major and inframe kits are offered with low and high compression pistons as well as standard and .011” oversized bearing variations. These overhaul kits exclusively fit the 6081A,H Powertech engines above ESN 200,000. Be sure to include them with your next stock order.

Yanmar Parts

Call us for industrial Yanmar parts!

Heavy equipment like front loaders and backhoes ect.

Power units for OEM's and Stand alone

Generator sets EYDG3700 and EYDG5500

Isuzu Engine Parts & Replacements from PJ Power, Inc.

All Isuzu models have a tremendous amount of options pertaining to each engine.

Call us, so we can quote you the proper part for your engine.

We have experts in-house to cover your needs.

We need your engine model and serial numbers. A spec number would also help.

Isuzu Engine Models:
2ca1, 3ca1, 3cb1, 3cd1, 3ya1, 3yc1, 2kc1, 3kc1, 3kr1, 2ab1, 3ab1, 3la1, 3lb1, 3ld1, 3ld2, 4lb1, 4lc1, 4le1, 4le2, c240, 4ja1, 4jb1, 4jc1, 4jg1, 4jg2, 4jj1, 4bb1, 4bd1, 4bg1, 6bb1, 6bd1, 6bf1, 6bg1, 4hk1, 6hk1, 6sa1, 6sd1, 6uz1, e120, 6rb1, 6wg1

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