Trombetta Solenoid
Trombetta Solenoid

Synchro-Start & WoodWard Products in Ocala, FL

By providing our customers with the latest technology and products, our goal is to be a full-service provider in the diesel engine and electrical part marketplace, especially for Synchro-Start and WoodWard products.


PJ Power, Inc. has what you need to complete any electrical project your company produces. From terminal strips and wire ties to large rotary switches, CSII is the soup to nuts in providing electrical switches. In-house engineering and custom panel manufacturing are available to all customers.


PJ Power, Inc., can fulfill your needs of electronic governors and speed switches. Woodward and Governors of America are two of the finest companies that provide these items to keep your power generating equipment operating efficiently.


We have resources that provide our customers with a "one stop shopping" experience. By utilizing many different suppliers, we are able to offer the best prices possible in the marketplace.

Synchro-Start Products, Now Distributed Under WoodWard Name

Woodward purchased Synchro-Start Products, Inc., so all of the Syncro-Start products are now distributed under the Woodward name. 


Here are reference items you can use to order or design your Woodward solenoid to meet your needs.


If you have your part number and application, we can help you with your current situation.

Solenoids from Synchro-Start Woodward! Look and see if yours looks close to these and let us know.

Woodward Kits SA-3742 AND SA-3765 12 OR 24VDC OR SA-4268 AND SA-4269

WoodWard Product Catalog

WoodWard Electrical Parts & Solenoids from PJ Power, Inc.

Since WoodWard bought out Synchro-Start, people are not aware that the solenoid division of WoodWard is now Synchro-Start.


We have a wide variety of solenoids and components in stock to meet your needs.


We try our best to provide you with a replacement WoodWard or Synchro-Start Solenoid in case of faulty parts or malfunctioning equipment.


For more information on these products, browse our selection of Synchro-Start solenoids.

1503 ES Series

Here are the small solenoids your customers need to complete any eletrical project. If you have any questions about our prices or inventory, please contact PJ Power, Inc.

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